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Curry Squash Surprise
-gluten free –vegan

I wasn’t sure what to call this dish and I know the “surprise” part makes it sound like a bad school lunch, but I went with it because the main two ingredients are curry and butternut squash soup. Everything else is up to you.

Not long ago, Sage and I were hungry and I didn’t have much food in my apartment. I looked in my cupboard and saw the butternut squash soup. I immediately remembered a great dish I had at the Asian Palate, a cool little restaurant here in Buena Vista. I pulled out the few ingredients I had and came up with a new go-to, easy, gluten-free, vegetarian dish.

Ingredients: (You be the judge of how much you want of everything. You can definitely get away without any specific measurements for this recipe.)

            Main Ingredients
·         Butternut Squash Soup (Better to use fresh or canned squash since there are not other ingredients added._
·         Brown rice
·         Curry powder

Ingredients of your choice (what I added to mine)
      Use water or vegetable stock to saute veggies.
·         Tofu*
·         Potato
·         Broccoli
·         Mushrooms
·         Pineapple
·         Almonds (my dish at the Asian Palate used peanuts)
·         Red pepper
·         Whatever else sounds good to you!

*Make sure you use organic tofu. 

To make it all you have to do is warm up the squash soup, cook some rice, and dice and sauté the other ingredients you want to add. Add the curry to the soup and the red pepper if you would like.

To serve, you can choose if you want to use a lot of the squash soup and use a bowl, or use the soup more of a dressing and use a plate. Basically, I put the amount of rice I wanted on my plate, added the sautéed ingredients, and then poured on the soup.

That’s it for any easy gluten free and vegetarian meal that covers all the important food groups!



  1. Sandy, excellent post. We met last year at the Silverton Marathon, I finished right behind your sis.
    I, too now live at 8200' after living in New England for all of my life and have been struggling. Oh, I'm also a vegetarian.
    I was sure that I was getting enough iron from the spinach, etc and cooking on an iron skillet, but maybe not getting enough. Deb and I do take a SlowFE tab about once every other week (maybe not enough?), but when every other run I feel like I'm struggling to move forward, something's going on. My next checkup I'm going to ask my doc about this.
    Thanks...and best of luck with this issue.

  2. Thanks for posting this. I found out I was pretty anemic last fall after suffering thru a year and a half (maybe more) of really crummy jogging (I won't even call it running). I suspected it, but brushed off any serious consideration and chalked it up to post-partum drudgery. Luckily, my obgyn got me to take a blood panel, and it ended up being so validating to find out I was very anemic, to the point that she also recommended a blood transfusion after the test results. Long story short, I've gotten it under control and my running now feels an order of magnitude better than my anemic days. I imagine you'll have the same experience, and hopefully feel much better.

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